Protecting the rights of minorities in Africa.
A guide for human rights activists and civil society organizations

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The perception of minority towards Somaliland.The minority tribes have played a vital role in Somalia.

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For Children

Child Support Grants prove critical to reducing child poverty in South Africa.Positive impact...

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Being a voice for Individuals and/or groups who are discriminated against on the basis of their religion, race, tribe, sexuality, with limited, or no access to government support and/or police protection.


To protect and monitor whenever a breach of civil liberties (the right to liberty and security, right to a fair trial, the right to defend one’s self, the right to privacy, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association, and the right to marry and have a family ), dignity as a matter of philosophy, religion, human rights, medicine, and law, of the minority individual and/or groups. (Regardless of race, tribe, nationality, cultural grouping, religion, sexuality or political views)


To live in a world without any prejudice, double standards and bias, where individuals, and/or a group is excluded from basic needs, on issues of employment, fair trial, police protection, or any government
support, by using race, tribe, nationality, cultural grouping, religion, sexuality or political views as a factor .

The organization aim to become a major player in minority rights in Africa by making it’s footprint on a continent where some countries do not recognize and protect the rights of minorities. UNAMO will find alliances with groups with the same goal, build friendships, and become a pressure group where injustice occur, and use these alliances to make injustices known worldwide to accomplish it’s goal as a pressure group/NGO.

The end goal is where all citizens living in South Africa, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or otherwise a minority, will have equal rights under the law, government and protection without prejudice.

“Never again shall one group benefit at the expense of another” – ANC/South Africa president “Nelson Mandela”