Protecting the rights of minorities in Africa.
A guide for human rights activists and civil society organizations

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The perception of minority towards Somaliland.The minority tribes have played a vital role in Somalia.

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For Children

Child Support Grants prove critical to reducing child poverty in South Africa.Positive impact...

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Why your donation is so important

  • 90% comes from the community (people like you!)
  • 5% comes from Government’s overseas aid program
  • 3% comes from grants
  • 2% comes from other sources (including investments)
Where are you money Used?



Above 80% expenditure comprises of, 75% for long-term development and emergency response programs and 15% for campaigns and advocacy programs. Funds for advocacy programs and campaigns come from non-tax-deductible income.

  • 80c is used to directly support our development, advocacy, and humanitarian programs around the world
  • 15c is invested to generate future income
  • 5c is spent on essential administration as UNAMO rely mostly on volunteers

“My donations are small change, yet makes huge changes knowing my donation is used in order to fight injustice.”

– John Enilgo, UNAMO supporter