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Posted by Unamo, January 18, 2015 1:02 pm

Who and what are the Afrikaners?

Jan van Riebeeck arrives in the Cape

For more than 200 years, Afrikaners have been the victims in all aspects of the ‘liberal’ and International onslaught against their psyches, country, property and other fields.

By not having access to reality, and the real history, as well as media controlled by the enemies of Afrikaners, Afrikaners became permanent slaves and ‘black sheep’ of powerful enemies.


An unknown writer has this to say:

To reach a valid historical perspective of the human relations pattern in present-day South Africa, one has to go back to the days of Columbus, close to five centuries ago.

In the 14th century, five years before Columbus set out on his trans-Atlantic voyage which resulted in the discovery of America, the Portuguese navigator, Batholomew Diaz, reached the southern-most part of Africa. Here, in 1652 at the Cape of Good Hope, halfway between Europe and the East, the Dutch East India Company established a victualing station for passing East India men. The Dutch intended the station to be self-supporting, but this soon proved to be impracticable without allowing officials to settle as “free burghers”. In 1657, the first free burghers were permitted to become private farmers, and in this way the foundations of a new nation in Africa were laid. The ranks of the original free men were subsequently strengthened by the people of Dutch, German and French descent. The term “boer” (farmer) was elevated to the honorable concept of “Boer”, with a wider connotation, viz.pioneer and settler. “Boer” became synonymous with the appellation “Afrikaner”, a term used as early as 1706 to denote people who had their roots in the African soil. Their permanent links with Africa were emphasized by the spontaneous and natural way in which the various 17th century Dutch dialects evolved into a new tongue, Afrikaans.

The only indigenous peoples to come in contact with the Boer-Afrikaner community, were nomadic Bushmen and Hottentot tribes. In the case of the Hottentots, deculturisation and the ravages of a series smallpox epidemics led to the disintegration of the main tribes and their subsequent progressive involvement with Negro and East Indian slaves, as well as with sailors, soldiers and people of other races, in the crystallization of a new ethnic group, the Cape Coloureds. A further element was admixed with the Cape Coloured community upon the arrival of Bantu tribes.

The Bantu tribes, the forefathers of the majority of modern day black people in South Africa, are established mainly in the part of the continent south of the Sahara desert. Today many local Black sophisticates prefer to be called Africans, a misleading appellation considering that contemporary Africa is the mother continent of a large number of different ethnic, racial, linguistic and religious entities.

The first meetings between Afrikaner farmers, or Boers, and black tribes took place during 1750-1770 roughly where the Eastern Cape is today. For an entire century, unaware of the existence of black tribes, Afrikaner farmers, who have mostly already been born on African soil, expanded their settlement to over 170 000 square kilometers (more than twice the size of Austria) of desolated and unoccupied land. Only towards the end of the 16th century did the Afrikaner farmers increasingly come into contact with Black tribes. In the 1770’s, some what thousand kilometers to the north-east of Cape Town, the Afrikaner migratory stream came into substantial contact with the vanguard of another migratory movement, namely the Xhosa-speaking tribe. They were the advance guard of a Black migratory movement from the vicinity of the Great Lakes of Central Africa. It would appear that by the end of the 15th century these tribes had moved as far as present-day Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. They probably crossed into the present-day Republic of South Africa in appreciable numbers in the course of the 17th century – at about the same time as the Afrikaner free farmers’ settlement was expanding inland from the Cape of Good Hope.

The Black population movement into the area which later became known as British South Africa did not constitute a single coherent expansion. It took the form of successive waves of small tribes representing four different Black ethnic groups – Nguni, Sotho, Venda and Tsonga – responding to the push and pull of economic conditions and tribal conflicts. These migratory tribes simply moved to wherever nature offered most and enemies threatened least. Among these tribes the modern Western concept of a geo-politically defined country and land ownership was practically unknown. In the case of the white group this concept was strongly developed, and it was therefore quite natural for the Dutch Governor at the Cape to react to the White-Black contact situation by proclaiming in 1778 the Fish River as the official boundary between the two groups. This deliberate geographical demarcation, coupled with a recognition of the existence of specific Black territories, has remained the basis of the White-Black relationship pattern for many years.

After the Napoleonic Wars, the Cape of Good Hope was formally ceded to Britain. From 1806 on wards, relatively large numbers of English, Scottish and Irish settlers arrived at the Cape

The Boer-Afrikaner trekkers, increasingly dissatisfied with British colonial rule and with a growing sense of independence, decided to leave British jurisdiction. From 1835 onwards – at about the same time that the American pioneers undertook their famous westward trek – nearly a quarter of the Cape’s White population left the colony in a series of organized movements, collectively known as the Great Trek. The movement coursed over vast tracts of empty land. Areas that had been inhabited by migratory Bantu tribes had become depopulated as a result of the “Mfecane” (the “crushing”) – a series of Black, specifically Zulu, reigns of terror. For nearly a quarter of a century, there was an era of internecine warfare characterized by the most appalling bloodshed and devastation. The impis (regiments) of the Zulu king, Shaka, reigned supreme in Natal and even penetrated the Transvaal across the Drakensberg Mountains, leaving a trail of destruction, exterminating or dispersing all other tribes with which they came into contact. Shaka was not the only ruler responsible for this kind of destruction. Mzilikazi, one of his former lieutenants, broke away from the Zulu king and established a following of his own – the Matabele tribe.

The Afrikaner trekkers who moved into Natal encountered various Zulu tribes. In February 1838 Piet Retief, the leader of the trekkers, negotiated with Dingaan, the Zulu king and successor to Shaka, and obtained from him a document granting the trekkers “the place called Port Natal, together with all the land from the Tugela to the Umzimvubu rivers…”. Before Retief and his party could return to their people they were murdered in Dingaan’s kraal. The written contract, was however retrieved by the trekkers and still exists today.

In the light of this, the claim that the Afrikaner nation is a “settler nation” is unfounded and historically incorrect. Considering that the first Whites at the Cape arrived only 32 years after the Pilgrim Fathers set foot on American soil in 1620, it would be fallacious to label present-day White South African society as still a settler or immigrant community. In fact, there were stable White communities in the South African interior before the founding of most of the Latin American republics. The first West European arrivals at the Cape antedated the colonization of Australia (1788) and New Zealand (1790) by 136 and 138 years respectively. The white community was also economically settled on unoccupied or negotiated land before the most and major black tribes even crossed the modern day borders of South Africa. Coming closer to the present time, one cannot ignore the significance of the White South African nation’s role in the two world wars, amongst others as a founding member of the the League of Nations and the United Nations.

The white South African nation has been created by the historical forces of more than four centuries. Measured against all accepted historical and demographic criteria, this nation exists as an integral part of the African continent’s socio-political structure. Today, the Whites of the Republic of South Africa rightfully consider themselves a permanent established African nation, geo-politically rooted in a part of the continent which has in the course of more than four centuries become their only motherland.


For more than 200 years, Afrikaners have been the victims in all aspects of the ‘liberal’ and International onslaught against their psyches, country, property and other fields.

By not having access to reality, and the real history, as well as media controlled by the enemies of Afrikaners, Afrikaners became permanent slaves and ‘black sheep’ of powerful enemies.

That reality lasts up until the present day in 2015.

This essay is meant to free the entrapped psyches of the Afrikaner nation, and to provide Afrikaners with the powerful and secret history of their entrapment, and the lies kept in place with which an induced guilt-complex keeps Afrikaners from exerting a more meaningful contribution in their own lives, living conditions and living realities.

This essay will only briefly mention secrets surrounding the history of Afrikaners and South Africa in general. Although brief, this history is essential for any individual to have a meaningful opinion, or make a meaningful contribution in political debates in the current day about South Africa.



The social media has exploded recently with controversies surrounding perceptions and actions of well known South African artists, Steve Hofmeyr and Sunette Bridges.

The mistake of these artists: ? – they care for their own, they care for the civilization from which they originate, and they dare to voice an opinion different from the thought police of the liberals, and the atheïst marxists that rule South Africa.

The perversion that rules in South Africa, has created a crime-ridden, and slum-infested country which has been downgraded by international credit agencies, to the level of ‘trash’, and its education is at the bottom of the log, of 144 countries measured.

South Africa of 1994 has been transformed into Crimificent Dustbinia; like Monte Carlo; the place to plunder and play for liberals, marxists, atheïsts, pedophiles and perverts alike. That is why they defend their newly-found ‘pleasure-heaven’ so vehemently.

Above all, democracy is a mob rule, and the rule of the plunderers over the producers, favouring parasites to plunder wealth and food, that they have not produced. In essence it allows the rule of pagans and antichristians over the true children of God, -the owners of South Africa, the Afrikaner people.

This essay is meant to educate those that wish to participate in a meaningful way to the current political debate in South Africa.

It is also a very special education for those liberals and atheist- marxists that both rule South Africa, and who wish to stifle differing, informed opinions that are based on historical truths, rather than on emotions, psychological warfare, and illegal revisionisms of history, like the false ‘Turning Points in History” created by the communist Thabo Mbeki and his illiterate cohorts a while ago in the South African parliament.


South Africans are subjected daily to a dumbed-down level of political awareness and debates on all levels. Suffering from the liberal’s albatross psychological warfare techniques, the majority of South Africans are suffering from an amputation from political realities and a true sense of history, whilst whites are programmed to go through life with a permanent sense of guilt.


This dumbing-down by liberals are maintained by strongmen in the media, as well as liberal writers like Max du Preez, and other well-trained communist psyops-operators.

The fact is that most liberals are satanists in disguise. However to become a satanist, you must become anti-christ in nature, and to achieve this end, you must first become a liberal, that denies the existence of the variety of God’s creations on earth.

To the liberal, a criminal is a virtuous being, with no difference between a criminal and a classical violinist.

To the liberals, there is no difference a Chinese or African cannibal, or the conductor of a symphonic orchestra.

The liberals live a life of apathy in a world of ignorance. Obvious differences to them between different races, simply does not exist on earth.

In the mind of the liberals, simply being white constitutes a mental illness.

Voicing opinions and holding viewpoints other than that of the illiterate masses carries the risk of being labelled as suffering from ‘political and reformatory insanity’.


 – “One of psychiatry’s leading figures, Richard von Krafft -Ebing, added to his list of varieties of mental disorders ‘political and reformatory insanity’—meaning any inclination to form a different opinion from that of the masses,” the trio of researchers stated.


For some reason the eyes of liberals have been scorched close, leaving them with no distinction between different realities and different kinds of men.

Suffering from minds colonized by a self-induced blindness, life is bliss, because ignorance is bliss for liberals.

From this blind perspective, the liberals wish to control those around them, that are open to the variety of God’s creations.


So what is the true, hidden and secret and quintessential history of South Africa and the Afrikaners in particular, that is avoided daily by the media, and it’s marxist-propagandists like Max du Preez and others?

The liberals constantly undermine the Afrikaners that are a civilized, and developed culture with an advanced of morals and dogma, that allowed them the highest ability a nation can exhibit: namely the creation of a nation-state, in the form of South Africa, at the Sandriver Convention in 1852.


The President of Russia, Mr Putin, recently identified the same threats as coming from the ‘West’, that pose a danger to the well-being of Russia. And his observations are just as valuable for Afrikaners in South Africa. Many of his observations are contained in a few sentences below and was adapted for the situation in South Africa today.

The excesses of liberals pose a danger to the continued existence of white Protestants in South Africa. These excesses include foreign policy, domestic policy, morals and other aspects.

Liberals deny their own roots, including their Christian roots, which form the basis of western civilization. These  very Protestant roots established the modern science in all aspects of life as we know it today. And these very same Protestant roots established and created the modern day South Africa as we know it today. From a wilderness, the modern South Africa was carved by by the Afrikaners since 1652.

Today, the moral basis and any traditional identities, like national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are being denied and relativised.

Politics treat a family with many children as a homosexual relationship (juridically), and faith in God, the same as faith in Satan or the occult.

The excesses of Political Correctness promotes various forms of perversion in our society.

These excesses are not afraid to publicly promote and voice their absence of faith in the only Living God, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The deeper moral values of Christian celebrations are hidden and denied in this country.

The efforts of the liberals to force their points of view onto the masses, these efforts are nothing but the degradation and  primitivization of the Protestant Afrikaners and society in general.

This has lead to a deepening moral and demographic crisis in South Africa, amongst whites, and the country in general.

What can be a better evidence of the moral crisis of a human society, than the loss of its reproductive function?

Without the moral values that are rooted in Christianity and other world religions, without rules and moral values which have been formed and developed over millenia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity and become brutes.

It is right and natural to defend and preserve these moral (Christian) values.

The rights of minorities and majorities must be respected.

In a unipolar South Africa, whites will have to surrender their own identity and their God-created diversity as well as their advanced levels of civilization, that was developed over millenia.


Important national decisions have to made on a collective level, and not in the interest of one party or one culture group alone.

Liberals hold the view that all men and races are equal, and those that differ from them, are labelled simply as racist. According to liberals, all men are equally intelligent, equally capable, and equally responsible.


It is actually quite the opposite.

To view all races as equal, and man as equal, is actually racist. The ‘equal’ perspective denies the god-given talents that are handed out to the few, and denies the superiority of some individuals compared to others.

In South Africa, the Afrikaners are constantly being accused as the designers of apartheid. That beautiful piece of stinking-albatross propaganda technique, maintains a stranglehold on the minds of Afrikaners, whilst in reality, all the apartheid laws was made and implemented by the British usurpers in South Africa.

There was no colonization. Afrikaner created the Afrikaner Republic at the Sandriver Convention in 1852 already. This consisted of the Transvaal and the Free State. The interior of South Africa, was emptied of Africans by Shaka in his brutal D’feqane, in which he decimated African tribes and sold them as slaves in Mozambique. Shakas actions was finished by 1820.

After gold and diamonds was discovered, the British, in a brutal rape-genocide, raped and killed Afrikaner females and daughters older than 10 in concentration camps, and 
kept them in sex-camps. The British commandeered Africans from neighboring countries, and supplied them with 400 000 guns to help the British to illegally usurp the sovereign Afrikaner Republic of South Africa from 1898 to 1901, by which time, Afrikaners were the legal owner and rulers of a sovereign country for nearly 50 years.

The British genocide and rape campaign all over the concentration camps forced the Boers was forced to stop their resistance against these brutalities,  from fear of losing a whole generation due to the rape campaign of the British, Africans and Coloureds.

Immediately after this, in 1902 Milner imposed a hut tax on all African in neigboring African countries on all young males, which could only be paid if they worked on the newly stolen gold mines. Many of them did not return to their home countries, and the Africans (illegally) increased in numbers in the interior in South Africa under the terrorist rule of the British that ruled South Africa up until 1961,and whom by the way implemented ALL the ‘apartheid laws in South Africa.


The British developed ‘apartheid’ laws, only AFTER South Africa, which became a sovereign and independent state in 1852, was raped into submission by usurping British and their black and colored cohorts. Females and daughters of 10 years and older was also put in sex-camps and used as sex slaves.

This gruesome history was censored for a century worldwide, and only made public once South Africa was well underway to being handed over on a silver platter to communists.

This atrocities took place despite Britain being a signatory to the Hague Convention. Talking about ‘apartheid’ laws whilst ignoring the true nature of how Britain came into a position in South Africa to make those laws, is in my mind the Lone Tree Propaganda Technique which focuses on apartheid, whilst ignoring the fact that the making of apartheid laws was done by Britain, and also ignoring the British and their cohort’s atrocities that preceded it. They turned the white population of South Africa, into permanent serfs of the British Royalty, even up until today, whilst continuing their plunders of our wealth. After subjecting the Afrikaners through their rape-campaigns, the British then set about importing Africans into the country, as mineworkers, to mine the newly acquired gold deposits and diamond mines. This importing of Africans into a sovereign country of whites then led to the growth and permanence of the African population in South Africa, which was previously depleted of Africans by Shaka’s decimation of other African tribes in South Africa, in a campaign known as the Dfeqane, or Mfeqane. And on the backs of this raped children and females in South Africa, the British Royal family, and the liberals in South Africa, have built their fantastic wealth, and continues to do so even today. THAT is the history that is so succintly left out in all this, ‘nice’ and ‘insightfull’ writings.


It is interesting to note that Cecil John Rhodes, a Committee of 300 member who fronted for the Rothschilds in South Africa followed the Inchcape pattern, bringing hundreds of thousand of Indian “coolies” to work on the sugar cane plantations in Natal province.


The Chamber of Mines founded the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association  (WNLA) and the Native Recruiting Corporation in 1902 to acquire unskilled labour to work on the South African mines. TEBA was established in March 1977 as an amalgamation of Mine Labour Organization (NRC) Ltd. And Mine Labour Organizations (Wenela) Ltd.  The history of TEBA’s involvement in the South African Mining industry is housed at the UJ.

The Employment Bureau of Africa Ltd. (TEBA) was established in March 1977 as an amalgamation of two companies, namely Mine Labour Organisations (NRC) Ltd. and Mine Labour Organisations (Wenela) Ltd. In 1902 the Witwatersrand Native Labour Association was established to recruit labour for the South African mines. They started by recruiting Mozambicans and later men north of latitude 22 degrees South (Tropic of Capricorn), including the Caprivi Strip, Angola, Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia) and Malawi (then Nyasaland). They even recruited miners from China. The Native Recruiting Corporation was established in 1912 to recruit mine labour south of 22 degrees South. They recruited labour from the former Ciskei and Transkei as well as Lesotho (formerly Basutoland), Botswana (was Bechuanaland), Swaziland and KwaZulu-Natal. In 1966 the NRC and WNLA changed their names to Mine Labour Organisations (NRC) Ltd. and Mine Labour Organisations (Wenela) Ltd. respectively. Although separate, they were run by the same board of directors and had the same management.


Among them was Mahatma Ghandi, a Communist agitator and troublemaker. Like the Chinese coolies, they were not returned to their country of origin once their contracts expired. They, too, went on to create a massive social program, and their descendants became lawyers who spearheaded the drive to infiltrate the government on behalf of the African National Congress.


British colonial capitalism has always been the mainstay of the oligarchical feudal system of privilege in England and remains so to the present day. When the poor, untutored pastoral people in South Africa who became known as the Boers fell into the bloodstained hands of the British aristocracy in 1899, they had no idea that the revoltingly cruel war so relentlessly pursued by Queen Victoria, was financed by the incredible amounts of money which came from the “instant fortunes” of the BEIC (British East India Corporation) ‘s opium trade in China into the pockets of the plutocrats.


Committee of 300 members Cecil John Rhodes, Barney Barnato and Alfred Beit instigated and engineered the war. Rhodes was the principle agent for the Rothschilds, whose banks were awash in cash flowing from the opium trade. These robbers, thieves and liars–Rhodes, Barnato, Oppenheimer, Joel and Beit–dispossessed the South African Boers of their birthright, the gold and diamonds that lay beneath their soil.


The South African Boers received nothing out of the BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of dollars derived from the sale of THEIR gold and diamonds. The Committee of 300 quickly took full control of these vast treasures, control which it even now maintains through one of its members, Sir Harry Oppenheimer.


The average South African receives $100 per annum per capita from the gold and diamond industry. The BILLIONS which flow out annually go to the bankers of the Committee of 300. It is one of the most foul and vile stories of greed, theft and the murder of a nation ever recorded in the annals of history.


How could the British Crown have succeeded in pulling off this stunning fraud of gigantic proportion?


To accomplish such a Herculean task requires skilled organizing with devoted agents-in-place to carry out the daily instructions passed down from the conspirators’ hierarchy. The first step was a press propaganda campaign portraying the Boers as uncivilized barbarians, only slightly human, who were denying British citizens the right to vote in the Boer Republic. Then, demands were made on Paul Kruger, leader of the Transvaal Republic, which of course could not be met.


After that, a series of incidents were staged to provoke the Boers into retaliation, but that didn’t work either.


Then came the infamous Jameson Raid where a certain Jameson led a party of several hundred armed men in an attack on the transvaal. War followed immediately thereafter.


Queen Victoria mounted the largest and best equipped army that the world had ever seen  at that time ( 1898). Victoria thought he war would be over in two weeks, since the Boers had no standing army and no trained militia and would be no match for her 400,000 soldiers drawn from the ranks of Britain’s underclasses. The Boers never numbered more than 80,000 farmers and their sons–some were as young as fourteen– Rudyard Kipling ; also thought the war would be over in less than a week.


Instead, with rifle in one hand and the Bible in the other, the Boers held out for three years. “We went to South Africa think-ing the war would be over in a week,” said Kipling.


“Instead, the Boers taught us no end of a lesson.” That same “lesson” could be taught to the Committee of 300 today if we could but muster 10,000 leaders, good men and true to lead this nation in battle against the gargantuan monster threatening to devour everything our Constitution stands for.


After the genocide ended in 1902, the British Crown had to consolidate its grip on the unimaginable fortune of gold and diamonds that lay beneath the barren veldt of the Boer Republics of Transvaal and Orange Free State. This was done through the Round Table of the legend of King Arthur and his Knights.

The Round Table is strictly a British M16 intelligence operation established by the Committee of 300 which, together with the Rhodes Scholarship program, is a dagger in the heartland of America. The Round Table was established in South Africa by Cecil Rhodes and funded by the English Rothschild family. Its purpose was to train business leaders loyal to the British Crown who would secure the vast gold and diamond treasures for the British Crown. South Africans had their birthright stolen from them in a coup so massive and all pervading that it was apparent only a central unified command could have pulled it off. That unified command was the Committee of 300.


That this was accomplished is not in dispute. By the early 1930’s, the British Crown had a

stranglehold on the biggest supplies of gold and diamonds ever found in the world.




Financial control of the world was complete.


The Round Table played a pivotal role in the coup. The express purpose of the Round Table, after swallowing up South Africa, was to blunt the benefits to the United States of the American War of Independence, and once more bring the United States under British control.


Organizing ability was essential for such an enterprise and it was provided by Lord Alfred Milner, protège of the London Rothschild family.


Using Scottish Rite Freemason principles in selecting members of Round Table, chose chosen underwent a period of intense training at Cambridge and Oxford Universities under the watchful eyes of John Ruskin, a self-confessed “old school communist,” and T. H. Green, an operative of M16.

It was Green, the son of a Christian evangelical cleric, who spawned Rhodes, Milner, John Wheeler Bennet, A. D. Lindsay, George Bernard Shaw and Hjalmar Schacht, Hitler’s finance minister. I pause here to remind readers that the Round Table is only ONE SECTOR of this vast and all-encompassing Committee of 300. Yet the Round Table itself consists of a maze of companies, institutions, banks and educational establishments, which in itself would take qualified insurance actuaries a year to sort out.


Round Tablers fanned out throughout the world to take control of fiscal and monetary policies and political leadership in all countries where they operated.


Where crimes committed against whites are viewed by the communist racist black government, as simply ‘crimificent! Actions”


Now the parliament of Slummifica are being turned into ‘The crimificent ANC”

In essence, the law in South Africa functions only to protect the criminals, murderers and torturers of the white people. The police force is a mere reactionary force, arriving at them murder and torture scenes of whites, only AFTER they were killed.

The constitutional law that allows the existence of the police force clearly states, that their function should be the prevention of crime.

Under this constitutional law, the current SAPS in South Africa, does not have any right of existence, due to their inability to uphold the law, and prevent crime, including the genocide of Afrikaners.

The SAPS are the mere thugs and ‘enforcers’ of the criminal and communist ANC government. In essence the police force protects the criminals and their ‘government’ against the entry of the white population into this one-sided war that is being waged against the white population and their posessions.

The problem of the white population is the fact that they are ‘law’ abiding, albeit one cannot talk of a ‘law’ or ‘justice’ in  South Africa for the white population.

 Matt Damion recently read an author’s publication, which is also applicable to Afrikaners in South Africa: 

The rule of law has regularized and maximized injustice.

In all the nations of the world; the rule of law is the darling of the rulers and the plague of the people.

We ought to recognize this, and it ought to transcend the national boundaries in our thinking.


The leaders of the world are comrades in arms, and smile when they get together.


We have the right to pursue life, liberty, work, the use of our God given talents to take care of ourselves, and our futures and the futures of those that are dear to us, and to resist those who undermine the right to life, liberty, happiness, work and caring for ourselves.

We have to go outside the law. Stop obeying the law.


Stop putting people in jail for small crimes, and keep others out of jail for enormous crimes.

This is the mindset the Afrikaners need to acquire, to be able to survive the current pogrom and genocide being waged against them by the mob rule of illiterate and plundering Africans.

Liberals, marxists and atheists all deny facts regarding the murderous nature of the African population.

All their opinions are preceded by contempt and hatred for any facts, reasoning, statistics, web-pages and photographic proof of the genocide being waged against the white population.

Especially for them that ignore history, facts presented to them in a normal way, I have created a special set of messages, that might help to enlighten them, inform them, and give them clarity regarding the prevailing situation of whites in South Africa

These are the messages for the visually challenged amongst the liberals; atheïsts, communists, illiterates, pagans and all Africans silently and de-jurically supporting the genocide of whites, and the destruction and plundering of South Africa, whilst knowing full well: you should not be stealing the country, nor the fruit from another’s labor:

  1. ⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠝⠎⠀⠁⠗⠑⠀⠉⠗⠊⠍⠊⠝⠁⠇⠎
  2. ⡁⠞⠗⠕⠉⠊⠞⠊⠑⠎⠀⠁⠛⠁⠊⠝⠎⠞⠀⠺⠓⠊⠞⠑⠎⠀⠁⠗⠑⠀⠉⠕⠍⠍⠊⠞⠞⠑⠙⠀⠃⠽⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠝⠎
  3. ⡞⠓⠑⠀⠙⠑⠍⠊⠎⠑⠀⠕⠋⠀⡎⠕⠥⠞⠓⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠀⠺⠁⠎⠀⠉⠁⠥⠎⠑⠙⠀⠃⠽⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠝⠎
  4. ⡞⠓⠑⠀⠗⠁⠉⠊⠎⠞⠎⠀⠊⠝⠀⡎⠕⠥⠞⠓⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠀⠁⠗⠑⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠝⠎⡁⠇⠇⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠝⠎⠀⠊⠝⠀⡎⠕⠥⠞⠓⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠀⠁⠗⠑⠀⠗⠑⠎⠏⠕⠝⠎⠊⠃⠇⠑⠀⠋⠕⠗⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠙⠑⠍⠊⠎⠑⠀⠕⠋⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠉⠕⠥⠝⠞⠗⠽⠀⠁⠝⠙⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠛⠑⠝⠕⠉⠊⠙⠑⠀⠕⠋⠀⠺⠓⠊⠞⠑⠀⠏⠑⠕⠏⠇⠑
  5. ⡁⠇⠇⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠝⠎⠀⠊⠝⠀⡎⠕⠥⠞⠓⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠀⠁⠗⠑⠀⠗⠑⠎⠏⠕⠝⠎⠊⠃⠇⠑⠀⠋⠕⠗⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠙⠑⠍⠊⠎⠑⠀⠕⠋⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠉⠕⠥⠝⠞⠗⠽⠀⠁⠝⠙⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠛⠑⠝⠕⠉⠊⠙⠑⠀⠕⠋⠀⠺⠓⠊⠞⠑⠀⠏⠑⠕⠏⠇⠑
  6. ⡞⠓⠑⠀⠃⠇⠁⠉⠅⠀⠍⠁⠎⠎⠑⠎⠀⠅⠑⠑⠏⠀⠕⠝⠀⠧⠕⠞⠊⠝⠛⠀⠋⠕⠗⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⡁⡝⡉⠠⠀⠁⠝⠙⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠗⠑⠎⠞⠀⠙⠕⠑⠎⠀⠝⠕⠞⠀⠧⠊⠉⠊⠕⠥⠎⠇⠽⠀⠗⠑⠎⠊⠎⠞⠀⠁⠝⠙⠀⠕⠏⠏⠕⠎⠑⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⡁⡝⡉⠨⠀
  7. ⡞⠓⠑⠀⠃⠇⠁⠉⠅⠀⠍⠁⠎⠎⠑⠎⠀⠙⠕⠀⠝⠕⠞⠀⠃⠥⠗⠝⠀⠞⠓⠑⠊⠗⠀⠊⠙⠑⠝⠞⠊⠞⠽⠀⠙⠕⠉⠥⠍⠑⠝⠞⠎⠀⠊⠝⠀⠉⠇⠑⠁⠗⠀⠗⠑⠎⠊⠎⠞⠁⠝⠉⠑⠀⠞⠕⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠛⠑⠝⠕⠉⠊⠙⠑⠀⠕⠋⠀⠺⠓⠊⠞⠑⠎⠠⠀⠁⠝⠙⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠙⠑⠍⠊⠎⠑⠀⠕⠋⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠉⠕⠥⠝⠞⠗⠽
  8. ⡞⠓⠑⠀⠍⠁⠚⠕⠗⠊⠞⠽⠀⠕⠋⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠝⠎⠀⠊⠝⠀⡎⠕⠥⠞⠓⠀⡁⠋⠗⠊⠉⠁⠠⠀⠙⠑⠀⠚⠥⠗⠑⠀⠁⠏⠏⠗⠕⠧⠑⠀⠕⠋⠀⠞⠓⠑⠀⠅⠊⠇⠇⠊⠝⠛⠀⠕⠋⠀⠺⠓⠊⠞⠑⠎⠀⠏⠑⠕⠏⠇⠑⠀⠊⠝⠀⠞⠓⠊⠎⠀⠉⠕⠥⠝⠞⠗⠽

Hopefully the falsified perceptions and history surrounding the land-issue and the Boer or Afrikaner in South Africa, is now viewed with a bit of clarity by their opponents and arch-enemies. 



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Human Rights Watch says political prisoners are commonly abused by government of President Islam Karimov.


Torture of political prisoners is widespread in Uzbekistan, a Central Asian country courted by the West as a transit point for forces fighting in Afghanistan, the Human Rights Watch (HRW) says.

In a report entitled Until the Very End: Politically Motivated Imprisonment in Uzbekistan published on Friday, HRW cited the cases of 34 prominent political prisoners as evidence that torture, kidnapping, incommunicado detention, solitary confinement and extension of sentences were all widespread. The watchdog group also added that local human rights bodies believed the number of political prisoners in Uzbekistan was in the thousands.

President Islam Karimov, 76, tolerates no dissent in the ex-Soviet state of 30 million people, which he has ruled since 1989.

HRW, whose Uzbek office was shut down in 2011, said its findings were based on more than 150 interviews with detainees’ relatives, former prisoners, human rights activists and a former prison official.

“Whether behind bars for 20 years or a shorter time, these people have been wrongfully imprisoned and shouldn’t spend even one more day behind bars,” said Steve Swerdlow, HRW’s Central Asia researcher and the former head of its Uzbek branch.

People & Power: The Long Arm of the Dictator

The report cited the case of Kayum Ortikov, a former employee of the British embassy in the capital Tashkent, who said he had been tortured for nine months in 2009 after being convicted on what he said were fabricated charges of human trafficking.

He said his torturers in the Tashkent city jail had burned his genitalia with flaming newspapers, pushed needles under his fingernails, and threatened to have allegedly HIV-positive prisoners rape him if he did not confess to being a spy.

After a public campaign by his wife, rights groups and British journalists, Ortikov was released in May 2011. He and his family fled Uzbekistan and finally resettled as refugees in the US this year.

Uzbek officials could not be reached or declined to comment, but Karimov has in the past said his tough methods were needed to keep Islamist militancy in check. Karimov’s relations with the West worsened when his troops notably crushed popular protests in 2005 in the eastern city of Andijan during which 187 people died according to the government and 700 according to rights groups.

With no political opposition to speak of and a state media that is highly supportive, Karimov looks likely to win a new term as president next March.

– “aljazeera”

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NDÉLÉ, Central African Republic — One day in September, Ahmed Adam, 23, sat on the ground in the regional capital, Ndélé, and rolled a cigarette. Adam was restless. Earlier that week he returned from the capital, Bangui, about 400 miles away. He was happy to be home. But with no money or means to buy what he needed to restart his life, he said, he was waiting for the U.N.-run demobilization program to begin, when he hoped to collect some cash. “If it works, I’ll be a farmer and work in the fields,” Adam said. “But if it doesn’t work, I’ll return to fight.”

Adam had been fighting since 2010, he said, when he joined the Convention of Patriots for Justice and Peace (CPJP), a northern rebel group that sought to overthrow the government of François Bozizé since 2008. Adam fought, he said, for the rights of the people in the north. But it was also to avenge a personal insult that he suffered at the hands of Bozizé’s police.

The CPJP believed that Bozizé, an ethnic Gbaya, was corrupt and that he failed to uphold promises to make his government more inclusive of other regions and ethnic groups. In 2012 a faction of the CPJP, along with other rebel groups, foreign mercenaries and local volunteers came together to form the Séléka, which means “alliance” in Sango, the national language. Most but not all the fighters were Muslim like Adam. The movement often recruited impoverished, uneducated men, and Ndélé quickly became a stronghold. The Séléka gathered strength as they went south, and on March 24, 2013, they succeeded in overthrowing Bozizé and installing their own president, Michel Djotodia.

The Séléka’s nine-month hold on power was cataclysmic. Djotodia proved unable to control his ranks of rebels. They raped women, plundered villages and killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of people whom they associated with Bozizé. In the south, nearly everyone was affected in some way. When asked if he ever killed innocent citizens or committed the abuses that so many spoke of, Adam laughed uncomfortably and asked if it was possible to fight and not kill. “But I only killed other soldiers,” he said.

By mid-2013, a mostly Christian group of fighters known as the anti-Balaka, which translates to either “anti-machete” or “anti-bullets,” emerged in rural villages to fight back. The movement was, in part, truly revolutionary: a self-organized militia of young men armed with rudimentary weapons like machetes and homemade rifles. But the anti-Balaka also counted among their ranks former army officers, many of whom remained loyal to Bozizé.

War in the Central African Republic is usually understood abroad as a grinding religious conflict. Of the 4.5 million people who live in the remote, landlocked country, only 15 percent are Muslim; the rest are either Christian or animist. These communities have lived together peacefully for centuries. The latest explosion of violence, though, has succeeded in pitting them against each other. Victims on both sides have suffered, but the minority Muslim population appears to have borne the brunt of it. Two years ago, there were nearly 700,000 Muslims in the country. Now, according to some counts, fewer than 90,000 remain.

Selema Tateku, 25, is a former Seleka fighter. When anti-Balaka surrounded Bangui, Tateku wanted to flee. Rather than risking death and mutilation, Tateku pulled the pin of a grenade and tried to end his life; instead, the grenade blew off his leg. (Click to enlarge images)

Like many wars around the world that are perceived as religious in nature, and where the narrative of communal strife is used by warring sides to fuel hatred, the sectarian aspect of the conflict may be a result of the fertile soil it grew from. A legacy of weak state institutions, the failure of multiple governments to implement promised reforms, competition over natural resources and the unadorned political opportunism of militia leaders gave rise to the fighting and fed it. Religion coils around these dynamics, increasing the pressure.

Militia leaders on both sides use the narrative of religious war to mobilize fighters in the pursuit of their narrow political objectives, said Beni Youkaté, a Guinean man who works in the country as an informal mediator between Séléka and anti-Balaka groups.

“The crisis here is not at all a religious crisis. It’s military, and it’s political. Quite simply, people have their interests in the crisis, and this suits them to use this ideology, this idea that Muslims and Christians can’t get along,” Youkaté said.

The emergence of the anti-Balaka marked a turning point for the country. Many of the fighters conflated the CAR’s entire Muslim population with the Séléka. Soon they adopted a new goal: rid the country of its entire Muslim population. The Séléka, in turn, launched revenge attacks on non-Muslim populations, in particular against Bozizé’s Gbaya. For the first time, the conflict took on a sectarian dimension. At the U.N. headquarters in New York, diplomats spoke of the possibility of genocide.

Photoessay: Trapped in a Nightmare

Photographer William Daniels documents the plight of 23,000 refugees trapped by violence in the Central African town of Boda

The anti-Balaka attacked Bangui on Dec. 5, 2013, setting in motion weeks of tit-for-tat attacks between the two communities. Hundreds of bodies piled up in the city’s morgues and mosques. More than 100,000 of Bangui’s Christians fled to the city’s derelict airport, which was protected by French troops, and to other camps. Nearly the entire population of Muslims in the west, including many in the capital, fled north or across the border in “an exodus of historic proportions,” according to Amnesty International.

In September 2013, Djotodia attempted to disband some of the Séléka, and Adam, along with thousands of other fighters, was disarmed and forcefully billeted into a crowded, run-down military camp in Bangui. The plan was to integrate them into a new, professionalized army, but it never happened, and he languished there for months. “They just gave us some food, barely enough manioc”— a staple food, like a potato, that is eaten throughout Africa — “for the entire week and occasionally some sardines,” he said. “Life was really hard.”

– “aljazeera”

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Most of us go our entire lives without ever standing trial for crimes against humanity. Then again, most of us aren’t notorious bigot Pastor Scott Lively, whose life work seems to be to ask the question: “How can I make gay people miserable across the world?” In the United States Lively’s homophobic messages are largely ignored, and in recent years he has had to endure various setbacks at the state and federal level as equality makes historic gains. Undeterred, Lively has sought out foreign lands where his particular brand of ruthless anti-gay ideas are more accepted. In Uganda, he found a home away from home.

Pastor Scott Lively

During a Christian “workshop” in the African nation he managed to become one of the principal architects behind some of the most retrograde anti-gay legislation on the planet. Officially titled the “Anti-Homosexuality Act” and more commonly known as the “Kill the Gays” bill, Lively’s vision was nothing less than a roadmap for the total persecution and eradication of homosexuals from Uganda. In Lively’s original design, anyone caught engaging in homosexuality would be executed. A newer bill softened that stance slightly after worldwide condemnation – in the latest version, homosexuals would only be sentenced to life in prison. Unfortunately for Lively, orchestrating genocide in another country is kind of frowned upon, and in 2012 a lawsuit was filed against Lively in federal court in Massachusetts for crimes against humanity.

This week, the First Circuit Court of Appeals denied Lively’s final request to have it dismissed because, well, the whole genocide thing. During his lengthy appeals process, one would think that Lively would lay low and avoid saying anything that suggests he isn’t at all sorry for helping Uganda try to kill its gay population. Instead, Lively has continued to double down on his efforts to spread as much homophobia as possible. It’s gotten so bad that the watchdog group Human Rights Campaign dedicated September to chronicle the various ways Lively and his anti-gay ministry were “exporters of hate.” Scott Lively is the head of Abiding Truths Ministry in Springfield, Massachusetts and is known around the world for his notorious work successfully advocating for anti-LGBT laws in Uganda that could send LGBT people to prison for life. In fact, Lively has traveled the world over presenting himself as an expert on LGBT issues, urging lawmakers to crack down on LGBT rights and the right of free expression.


In 2007, Lively wrote in “Letter to the Russian People,” “Homosexuality is a personality disorder that involves various often dangerous sexual addictions and aggressive anti-social impulses.” And this week, while he awaited his fate at his crimes against humanity trial, Lively told Trunews that homosexuality should be considered “more offensive” than mass killings, because gay people caused the Great Flood that wiped out the human race (technically, God did, and technically there is no evidence of that actually occurring, but who’s counting?). “Homosexuality is not just another sin,” he said according to Right Wing Watch, “it is the sin that defines rebellion against God, the outer edge of rebellion against God and it is the harbinger of God’s wrath, that’s why the Scripture gives the warning, ‘as in the days of Noah.’” In a way it makes sense that Lively would be adamant that homosexuality was worse than mass murder, considering that the mass murder of gay people is what he stands accused of trying to achieve. Lively currently lives in Springfield, Massachusetts, and hopefully soon will have a permanent residency behind bars. h/t Death and Taxes Magazine


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Although much of our South African audience is painfully aware of what’s transpiring in their beloved homeland – the vast majority of the international community is not.


Because it’s been covered up by the Marxist elite running our respective medias.

For all intents and purposes there has been a media & Hollywood black out on South African anti-minority violence, and government sanctioned hatred.

Not only is this shameful, it’s proven deadly. Over the past two decades South Africa’s non-black population has been starved, raped, oppressed, forced from their land and hunted down, and the west has done absolutely nothing. Although the media has had a lot to do with this-our own apathy can’t be ignored either.

So why have the EKP championed the cause of the Afrikaner?

Although theirs is a uniquely tragic tale-in many ways it mirrors our own plight in the US. Like Americans, the Afrikaner are a people that turned a largely uninhabited tract of land into a great nation that they are now being displaced from.

In some ways, their plight reflects that of the great Western European folk-people indigenous to a soil they too are being told they have no rights on.

In spite of what are Marxist oppressors tell us, the Afrikaner are a truly African people-having lived in southern Africa for almost 500 years. They are now a quite complicated mix of people (with a large percentage of their rural population having indigenous African bloodlines) and therefore have literally no homeland outside of Africa to return to.


Not only have the Afrikaner people been deserted by the international community, they have also been so by the wealthier elements of their own society.

Their decision-one made in good faith, to compromise with the black African majority and hand over their nation to the Marxist swine now running the show, has resulted in the annihilation of those that have chosen and been forced to remain behind.

The richer members of their society have either deserted South Africa (SA), or have cozied up to the black leadership, leaving the poorest Afrikaners, as well as mixed race people speaking Afrikaans, to die.

So why is the world being kept from this tragedy but continuously bombarded with images of Sudanese, Somalis, Nigerians and black Africans starving?

“That’s an interesting question. There’s a veritable war being waged against minorities in SA, however because the minorities aren’t black, Hispanic, homosexual or Jewish:  groups protected by American civil rights legislation-and demographics, American and international Marxists believe warrant our sympathy, the media keeps it under wraps. This is all by design of course. One need only look at the names of the people behind the likes of MSNBC, FOX, the BBC, CNN & global Communism to understand why the Afrikaner are being ignored. Then there’s the fact that the white South African is seen as the last vestige of colonialism by our oppressors. They represent empire, colonialism and hyper-nationalism to the left…And let’s not forget that there are other unpopular minority groups in SA that are also being driven into extinction.” J Sen, EKP Minority Rights & Commonwealth advocate.

In fact in SA, the endangered minorities include the Afrikaner, Anglo, mixed/coloured, Portuguese-Mozambique and Indian populations. There’s certainly no one worthy of Marxist sympathy there….

Our friends at Censorbugbear provided us with truly disturbing photo montage and story exposing Afrikaner starvation.

“Little known fact – South Africa’s 3-million Afrikaners are now living in dismal squatter camps where they are denied government benefits, government food-aid and medical care – and by law, are also denied access the job market…

Picture: Pretoria squatter camp resident Sarie Rossouw is slowly starving to death…

Sarielives with her husband Hennie in a Pretoria squatter camp and is badly malnourished. She has only been visited once by a social worker this past year. Her frail husband Hennie, 70, tries to look after her as well as he can, but it’s difficult without health-care and no regular food supplies.AfrikanerPoor_SarieRossouw_starving to death Eagles Nest Squatter camp no food aid

Pretoria has more than 70 squatter camps housing unemployable working-class Afrikaners, and they are consistently denied government-issued food-stamps and survival-benefits from the ANC-regime.


Solidarity trade union’s charity Helping Hand said in a recent letter to SA President Jacob Zuma that without urgent government subsidies and food-aid, many Afrikaners will start dying of starvation and poverty-related diseases – very soon.

Reports of babies and elderly Afrikaners dying of malnutrition are already emerging this year, amongst others reported by Dutch investigative journalist Saskia Vredeveld in her documentary “Poor whites in South Africa’, filmed in Coronation Park near Johannesburg and screened on Dutch IKON-TV earlier this year. She reported details about the death of a newborn Afrikaner baby – from hunger.

Solidarity’s letter also includes a series of pictures taken of some of the more than 650,000 homeless, impoverished Afrikaners.

There is growing interest from abroad in the so-called ‘poor white’ problem. Dutch investigative journalistSaskia Vredeveld and Australian photo-journalist Dean Saffron were only the latest of a long line of foreign journalists who have reported extensively from Afrikaner-poor camps this year.

  • Saskia Vredeveld reporting from Coronation Park, Johannesburg: “Poor whites in South Africa” http://player.omroep.nl/?aflID=11024515
  • Dean Saffron, documentary photographer: http://www.newint.org/columns/essays/2010/01/01/afrikaners-hit-bottom/index.html

And this month, a group of DutAfrikanerPoorWelcomeInnKrugersdorpSquatterCampPicPaulBennettFacebookch and Flemish students also visited the Eagle’ s Nest-squatter camp in Pretoria North. They visited the camp with its 100 poor residents and played a traditional Afrikaner sport called “Jukskei’ with the residents as part of the Dutch-South African Society youth-exchange programme. Dr Danie Langner, executive director of Helping Hand, said it was ‘very important for (foreign) students to be exposed to all the realities in South Africa, including the large number of Afrikaners who are now falling into permanent poverty and destitution. The students experienced at first hand the reality of the (more than 650,000) Afrikaners who have to survive without water, electricity or food-supplies each day. This squatter camp’s hundred residents live in horrific circumstances in which they are exposed to the elements each day”. The three-week visit by the Dutch-speaking students was sponsored by four universities, the Afrikaner League, the Afrikaans Language- and Cultural society, the Federation of Afrikaans Cultural Associations, Solidarity and the Foundation for the Empowerment of Afrikaans. http://www.zuidafrikahuis.nl/node/28


Defenseless elderly Afrikaners slowly starving to death…

Sixty-three percent of the residents in Pretoria’s 77 white squatter camps and tent-towns alone, are older than 60 years. There is only one social worker for every 4,000 South African resident. A total of 2,100 cases of dire poverty amongst whites are currently being investigated in the town of Centurion by its Council for the Elderly. In Pretoria, an average 1,000 cases are reported of whites being abused and left uncared in dismal conditions. Yet the government’s National Youth Development Agency (the former Umsobomvu Youth Fund) still rules that disability benefits are not granted to such impoverished, elderly Afrikaners.

Senior citizens find it increasingly difficult to live alone in their homes. General frailty, rising living expenses and vulnerability against crime are some of the reasons why they seek alternative accommodation. Old-age homes are only an option for those who receive a state pension, are frail and do not own property or have alternative sources of income. Senior citizens who receive a private pension, however small it may be, are not subsidised by the state and must pay the full unit cost in an old-age home, unless they are frail. The monthly unit cost could amount to R4 000,00 to R5 000,00 per person. [A South African rand is worth about one US dime, that is, 10 cents. So 4,000 rand is about 400 dollars.] Many of these elderly frail people end up in squatter camps.

The government’s social-welfare agencies also refuse to dispense food-stamps to destitute Afrikaners – even to the blind Mrs . Maria Schoeman, below:

Afrikaner poor Maria Schoeman elderly whites malnourished in

AfrikanerPoor_SquatterCampShacks Aug2010

Above: these squatter huts are occupied by whites – more than 96% are Afrikaans-speakers – writes Solidarity ‘s charity Helping Hand – which has 640 branches countrywide — to pres. Jacob Zuma. “Serious health problems are caused by the lack of water- and sanitation-services.”

AfrikanerPoor More than 70 squatter camps with poor whites in Pretoria alone Aug2010

Above: For the first time since the 1930’s, poverty and homelessness has increased dramatically among white Afrikaans-speakers especially. In greater Pretoria alone, there are more than 70 squatter camps for whites and countrywide, more than 640, housing more than 650,000 Afrikaners, reports HelpingHand.co.za charity. There are 3-million Afrikaners in South Africa.

AfrikanerPoor Jurie_Susan Austin live in a pumphouse 2x2 Solidarity Helping Hand charity Pic Aug2010

Above: Jurie and Susan Austin live in a 2 X 2 m pump-house and beg on the streets to survive each day.

AfrikanerPoor Martin Venter Gert van Vuuren live underneath this tree Squatter camp Eagles Nest Pretoria

Above: Martin Venter and Gert van Vuuren live underneath this tree.

AfrikanerPoor Elsie Botha lives in a refitted watertank Eagles Nest Pretoria Helping Hand charity

Above: Elsie Botha lives in this adapted water-tank.

Below: Australian photojournalist reports on Krugersdorp municipality’s attempt to forcibly-remove 400 Afrikaner squatter-camp residents to a black township:

Afrikaner Poor AustralianPhotog Dean Saffron Report 1 Afrikaner Poor AustralianPhotog Dean Saffron Report 2 Kruger Robert and Debbie

* * *

This article from a leftist magazine, aside from some politically correct remarks about the supposed horrors of white rule and apartheid (and, after all, why did 100,000 blacks a year sneak from up north down INTO South Africa under white rule???????), is accurate and heart-rending:

Blacks and whites worked together under apartheid but lived in separate locations. The original apartheid plan, destroyed by the Marxist Jews who took over behind the scenes, was to create separate ethnic states (like US states), not just separate neighborhoods, and the plan was that the whole country would be an efficient, white-supervised federation of different ethnic and racial groups.

The prime minister who wanted total geographic separation — with semi-independent black countries — Hendrik Verwoerd, was suspiciously assassinated right on the floor of the parliament in the 1960s.

– “europeanknightsproject”